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  • Name: BQL-18S
  • Num: BQL-18S
  • Time: 2015-03-24
  • Views : 33

(1) ice cream machine mainly adopts the new imported original compressor, mixing cylinder, through the direct flow of S type refrigeration principle of ice cream production, with low energy consumption, cold characteristics.
(2) when ice cream machine is used to make ice cream, its refrigeration start-up time is short, and the first batch of ice cream is very fast.
(3) in the ice cream machine, it is unique in the mixing cylinder arc, in the process of cleaning more convenient and concise.
(4) many ice cream machines are made of healthy food grade materials. They are not only safe to use, but also have the appearance of simplicity and generosity.
(5) hardness control system quantization, choose the output with low noise; no perturbation technique;
(6) the vertical and smooth transmission tube heating pot is easy to operate and easy to clean and maintain;
(7) evaporator structure special, multi point linear thermal control, uniform and rapid freezing;
(8) three-phase automatic compensation stainless steel scraper design, scraping clean, easy to remove, easy to clean;
(9) high extrusion pressure discharging technology to reduce the odor between different flavors;
(10) built-in multiple safety modules and fault self diagnosis system;
(11) humanized ramp control panel;
(12) built-in cleaning water source, the production work is efficient and hygienic;
(13) using internationally recognized environmental protection refrigerant R404A;

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