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  • Name: The 12 set display cabinet
  • Num: The 12 set display cabinet
  • Time: 2015-03-24
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The ice cream freezer by heat treatment gas reflux defrosting patented technology, to showcase the defrosting ice cream more thoroughly, more clean, installed at the bottom of the universal wheel, this is very easy to move, according to the requirements of specifications can be made applicable to small supermarkets, convenience stores, chain stores and other fruits. The same applies to large supermarkets, ice cream franchise stores, hotels, etc., all the year round running freely, uniform temperature inside the cabinet. This product has a strong heart, the use of foreign imports to the compressor; has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, applied to real materials, quality assurance.

Our ice cream display cabinet has the following features:

Defrosting: ice cream display cabinet automatic defrost control system, ultra short hot air defrosting time, double heating defrosting in the box electric heating pipe, eliminate the defrost residue, and affect the cooling effect
Insulation: ice cream display cabinet machine with integral foaming technology, excellent heat insulation effect
: the use of special refrigeration refrigeration evaporator, cooling speed, low temperature, freezing temperature (-16~-18 DEG C for the low temperature cabinet customer custom-made -20 DEG), good insulation effect, slow cooling characteristics
Lighting: lighting in front of the shelf, the whole cabinet without the shadow of uniform brightness
Unit: closed imported compressor, high efficiency, low consumption, low noise
Environmental protection: the ice cream freezer used internationally recognized refrigerant R404a
Temperature: equipped with a temperature display device, display the temperature in the cabinet is more intuitive
Appearance: beautiful appearance, with 12 display plate, color can be customized according to requirements
Model   Power   Refrigerating Power(W)  Total Power(w)  Refrigerant  Temperature seting    Outlook Dimension   N.W(kg
DD-12   220V/50Hz        1120                      1290                   R404a                -16~-18               1200*1150*1320       175
We have many types of ice cream parameters, please refer to the table below for more details:
Model   Power   Refrigerating Power(W)  Total Power(w)  Refrigerant  Temperature seting    Outlook Dimension   N.W(kg) 
DD-06   220V/50Hz        1000                      1180                   R404a                -16~-18               900*1150*1320       132
DD-08   220V/50Hz        1000                      1180                   R404a                -16~-18               900*1150*1320       135
DD-12   220V/50Hz        1120                      1290                   R404a                -16~-18               1200*1150*1320       175
DD-14   220V/50Hz        1120                      1290                   R404a                -16~-18               1370*1150*1320       205
DD-16   220V/50Hz        1220                      1580                   R404a                -16~-18               1540*1150*1320       227
DD-18   220V/50Hz        1360                      1750                   R404a                -16~-18               1700*1150*1320       257
DD-20   220V/50Hz        1560                      1960                   R404a                -16~-18               1860*1150*1320       270

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