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  • Name: 6 die popsicle ice cream machine
  • Num: 6 die popsicle ice cream machine
  • Time: 2015-03-24
  • Views : 28

The company has specialized in refrigeration equipment professional and technical personnel, to provide the protection of our products; to allow customers to buy assured that the use of assured;
Popsicle machine features
(a) the surface of stainless steel design, appearance, health, and casters, mobile convenience
(two) the temperature can be set according to the requirement, and the temperature can be displayed automatically
(three) using imported compressor, mixing system, accelerating cold circulation, cooling speed
(four) can be customized according to customer needs in various shapes popsicle mold. Adapt to all kinds of consumer demand
(five) suitable for convenience stores, various leisure places, schools and rural areas, with little investment and rich profits
Model Output(pcs/day) Rated Power Power Outlook Dimension(mm) N.W(KG)
PBZ-01 3000 1.8KW 220V/50Hz 550*550*1250 70
PBZ-02 6000 2.2KW 220V/50Hz 650*680*1350 85
PBZ-04 12000 2.8KW 220V/50Hz 710*1070*1360 110
PBZ-06 18000 3.3KW 220V/50Hz 710*1460*1360 165
PBZ06/2 18000 3.3KW 220V/50Hz 1010*1700*940 180
PBZ-08 24000 3.3KW 380V/50Hz 960*2230*940 250
PBZ-10 30000 3.8KW 380V/50Hz 900*2350*960 320
PBZ-12 36000 4.7KW 380V/50Hz 1280*2500*960 375
PBZ-18 54000 6.8KW 380V/50Hz 1380*2850*960 390

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