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Ice making machine installation process water supply and drainage system connection

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During the installation of ice maker, the connection method of water supply and drainage system is as follows:
1, the best water supply is a separate system;
2, ice maker or water-cooled condenser water supply should be equipped with water valve, it is recommended that the water pressure instability, it is best equipped with booster pumps to control water intake, water pressure;
3. The minimum inlet pressure is 1 kg;
4. The maximum water pressure is 6 kg;
5, the water quality of the ice machine good work is very important, excellent water quality will affect the soft ice scraping ice machine evaporator, and water supply system recommends that customers best equipped with filter, to water supply safety;
6, the water tank float valve can be adjusted, through it can control the water inside the tank, before leaving the factory, our company has been transferred to non special circumstances, please do not adjust at will;
7, the water supply pipe should pay attention to frost prevention, in cold areas, winter approaching, we must take necessary measures to protect the water supply pipeline. If there is a cooling tower, it is necessary to take a centralized approach to prevent freezing;
1) do not disassemble the water valve of the water supply system.
2) separate the water from the storage tank and the cooling tower.
3) adjust the water temperature to prevent freezing tower and circulating water pump.
4) if the ice machine is not needed for a long time, the residual water of the clean water tank and other water supply pipes shall be removed in time to prevent freezing and damaging the pipes.

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