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Daily maintenance of ice cream machine

Number of visits: Date:2017-06-22 14:17:15
In order to improve the service life of machine parts, regular ice cream washing machines can make ice cream longer life. The ice cream machine can be classified according to the function of the internal and external parts of the machine. Some parts need cleaning and maintenance every day. Some can only be cleaned and cleaned for three months. The following small series will be positive and ice cream machine BQL-18S, for example, analysis of maintenance steps:
1 、 storage cylinder cleaning
The storage cylinder must be cleaned once a day.
(1) start the cleaning button and discharge all the waste material in the cylinder. Press the stop button.
(2) add proper amount of warm water with disinfectant, and pour it into the storage tank. The amount of water in the two cylinders is the same.
(3) according to the cleaning key, stirring for about 1-2 minutes, then remove the cleaning liquid.
(4) wash with water again 2 to 3 times, stop.
(5) turn off the power, and the parts.
2, body cleaning
What consumers need is beautiful, clean and sanitary machines. Please keep your body clean at all times. You can clean the body with wet towel, remove stains, and don't flush with water so as to avoid electrical trouble.
3. Clean the condenser
Working for a period of time the condenser will dusty affect the heat, poor cooling, cleaning the specific time depending on the operating environment ranging from three to six months, to turn off the power supply before cleaning, make sure not to damage the condenser fins, with a soft brush and hairdryer can clean up.
4, drive adjustment
The machine used for a long time, mixing system and transmission belt may be elongated, need to be adjusted, the phenomenon is the belt slipping, after the machine running for a while suddenly shut down, soft ice cream machine series digital display will show "NL", and the buzzer long time punctuated sound, this time to disconnect the power to remove machine the left panel is fixed on the motor, adjust screw wrench (below the specific circumstances due to different machine type is slightly different, please call the customer service telephone consultation) encounter this situation is not a machine failure, must be shut down power to adjust the belt, elastic belt adjustment machine suitable after return to normal.

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