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Maintenance method of refrigeration compressor

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Refrigeration compressor is the core and heart of refrigeration system. At present, the refrigeration industry in the world has invested a great deal of effort in the research of refrigeration compressors, new research directions and achievements have been emerging, and the technology and performance of compressors are changing with each passing day. Then, how can the refrigeration compressor be maintained in the daily use process?
1, often check the motor whether there is debris or even conductive objects, the coil has been damaged, stator and rotor friction, otherwise the motor will burn after the start of the motor;
2, pay attention to the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, compressor and its equipment and environmental hygiene. Periodically clean up the ash from the compressor condenser, as too much dust accumulates, resulting in overpressure or non refrigeration failures;
If the lubricating oil 3, observed body oil pool surface and oil lubricator in lower scale lines such as low should be timely and full (with the oil dipstick must stop check);
4, carefully check the constant temperature and humidity test box at all levels of air cylinder and moving parts movement sound, according to "listen" to distinguish whether its work is normal, if found abnormal sound, stop inspection immediately;
5 、 the lubrication is used to precipitate and filter. Winter and summer compression oil to distinguish between use.
6, if the water-cooled compressor can not immediately pass into the water if the water to avoid uneven occurrence of Cylinder Crack in winter. After stopping to let the cooling water to avoid the cracking at the air compression cylinder; as long as the room temperature is not recommended by the manufacturer is best can sometimes hot and sometimes cold, put the strike in standard laboratory, equipped with air conditioning, temperature you can often view the constant temperature in the 25-28 degrees is appropriate.
7, feel under the hand test high-low temperature alternating humidity test box, cross rail, suction, exhaust, cutting cover temperature is normal;
8, check the temperature and humidity test box, cooling water temperature and flow is normal;
9, check whether the compressor vibration, anchor screws loose and fall phenomenon;
10, pay attention to the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, the pressure gauge at all levels, the pressure gauge on the gas tank and cooler and the indication value of the lubricating oil pressure gauge are within the prescribed range;
11, check the test box with constant temperature and humidity supply condition of the lubrication oil, lubricating oil supply system of sports organizations (some compressors with organic glass plate, on the side of the cross head guide rail body can directly see the supply of crosshead motion and lubricating oil); cylinder, filler with one-way cutting oil for inspection, can check the oiler the oil into the cylinder;
12, pay attention to the motor temperature rise, bearing temperature and voltage meter, ammeter indicating whether normal, the current shall not exceed the motor rated current, if more than, to find reasons or downtime check;
13 、 whether there is abnormal sound in the process of motor heating up;
14, check the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, pressure regulator or load regulator, safety cutting, whether sensitive;
15 regular cleaning of refrigeration systems, especially copper and bottle bodies. Also check the Freon allowance regularly.
16, gas tank, cooler, oil-water separator should often release oil and water.

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