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Treatment method of condenser fan not rotating

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Condenser fan can not rotate, mostly due to the lack of lubricating oil on the bearing shaft, the Bush burned out, the fan shaft or fan motor coil burned. It may also be due to the fan work time is too long, the current is large, freezer relay contact work is bad, the copper plate on the output circuit slightly caused by.
, a sliding bearing oil
Use, condenser fan does not rotate, we can check with a multimeter, fan motor coil is burnt out. If the motor coil in good condition, can check whether the fan tail bearing motor oil, such as no oil, namely that the sliding bearing.
Two, lack of refrigerant
Use, found refrigeration freezer system deficiencies, and doubt the refrigerator refrigeration system is insufficient, the available manifold pressure gauge check system pressure.
If the high and low pressure side pressure is low (high voltage low voltage lower than 83kpa, less than 78kpa) at the same time as the bubble liquid glass window, outlet gas is not cold, that is lack of refrigerant system.
Treatment methods: to identify the reasons for disclosure, to repair the leak site, adding to the refrigerant system. To make the engine run at 200r/min, as the bubble disappears when the pressure gauge readings, low pressure side of about 118--216kpa, the high side of about 1274--1596kpa.
Three, poor cooling condenser
Condenser in the refrigeration system is mostly caused by poor cooling, as the engine radiator and condenser heat sink of dust and debris blocking. Check the system pressure when manifold pressure gauges are checked. If the reading of the high pressure meter is higher, the dust and sundries are accumulated at the same time that the engine radiator and the condenser heat sink, which means the condenser cooling is not good.
Processing method: to eliminate the existence of dust engine radiator and the cooling fins of the condenser and the debris.

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